3D Scanner

The Cutting-Edge 3D Scan Feature Redefining Object Visualization and Printing

Alexandra Barcelos
May 2, 2024
5 min read

In a world where innovation is the name of the game, has emerged as a trailblazer, redefining the way we interact with technology. One of its standout features is the awe-inspiring 3D Scan, a game-changer that empowers users to effortlessly scan objects and create intricate 3D models. Join us on a journey through the incredible capabilities of's 3D Scan feature.

Capturing the Essence in Three Dimensions

Imagine being able to bring any object to life in the digital realm with just a few taps on your device.'s 3D Scan feature makes this a reality by leveraging cutting-edge photogrammetry and LiDAR technology. This powerful combination allows users to capture the intricate details of real-world objects, transforming them into highly detailed 3D models.

Limitless Possibilities

What sets apart is its commitment to versatility. The 3D models created with the 3D Scan feature can be seamlessly exported to a variety of formats, including .stl, .obj, .ply, .abc, .usd, and .usdz. This flexibility ensures that users can integrate their creations into awide range of applications, from 3D printing to augmented reality.

Whether you're a seasoned designer looking to bring your vision to life or a hobbyist exploring the world of 3D modeling,'s export options cater to all needs. The ability to export to industry-standard formats opens up a world of possibilities, making the go-to platform for creative minds.

Creativity through Photogrammetry and LiDAR's 3D Scan feature owes its prowess to the sophisticated blend of photogrammetry and LiDAR technology. Photogrammetry enables the software to reconstruct three-dimensional scenes from two-dimensional images, while LiDAR adds an extra layer of precision by using laser beams to measure distances. This dynamic duo ensures that the 3D models created are not just visually stunning but also incredibly accurate.

The marriage of these advanced technologies results in a user-friendly experience, making 3D scanning accessible to both novices and experts.'s commitment to user-friendly design ensures that the creative process remains intuitive, regardless of the user's level of expertise.

The Future of 3D Modeling is Here's 3D Scan feature is more than just a technological marvel, it's a gateway to a new era of creative expression.

Whether you're a professional designer, an aspiring artist, or simply someone with a passion for innovation,'s 3D Scan feature invites you to explore the endless possibilities of creativity.

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