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How can I cancel my subscription?

Visit the Apple Support page and tap the "Cancel a subscription" button on your iOS device. This will open the AppStore subscription management page and there you can cancel.

How can I get a subscription refund?

All payments are handled by Apple directly and not by To get a refund visit the Apple Support page and follow the instructions there. Apple might not approve your refund request if you refunded several purchases in the past. If that happens you have to contact Apple Support directly. can not refund you directly.

Why does nothing happen when I hold an NFC tag to my iPhone?

First, restart your iPhone. We have seen cases where the system's NFC module can silently crash, causing third-party apps to stop working. Make sure your NFC tag contains readable data. Your NFC tag must be NDEF formatted for this app to read it. You can try formatting your NFC tag in the Expert section. Only read/write enabled NFC tags can be formatted. Most cards in your wallet are probably not NDEF formatted or writable and will not be recognised by this app.

What is NDEF?

NDEF stands for "NFC Data Exchange Format". It defines an encapsulated message format which is required for data exchange with NFC Tags.

Which NFC tags do I need?

NXP NTAG chips are the most suitable. There are several versions of these tags: NTAG 213, 215 and 216. Essentially, these differ in memory capacity and thus also in price.'s Shop can provide you NFC tags with 888 bytes in memory which is comparable to NTAG 216.

I have found a error in the app, what should I do?

We are just humans (that might use AI) and errors happen. To resolve the issue it is best to send us an e-mail. We are always there for you and we value your feedback. Please refrain from giving a 1 star review on the App Store because of a bug. Thank you!

Can I stick my NFC tag to a metal surface?

Yes you can do that with NFC tags with metal protection. The stickers in's Shop all have an anti metal coating and are suitable for metal surfaces.

Why can't I read my credit card?

Credit cards and any type of bank card cannot be read by third-party apps on iOS. Apple Pay-related functions can only be provided by the banking card issuer's app.

What is a URL scheme?

A URL scheme is a link to an app. When iOS receives a link with a URL scheme, it searches for a matching app installed on your iPhone and prompts you to open it. If no matching app is found, iOS tells you that no usable data was found. For example, the URL scheme for this app is nfc:// or nfcforiphone://

Why didn't I receive a order confirmation e-mail?

Please check your spam folder. If there is nothing please contact us directly via e-mail.

How can I correct order details?

Please contact us immediately via email. Once your order has been shipped, we are not be able to change any details.

When does my order arrive?

Please have a look at our Shipping and Returns policy. In the case of an unexpected delay, please contact us via email.

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