QR & Barcode Scanner

What are QR and Barcodes?

QR codes and barcodes are widely used in today's digital world to store and transfer information quickly and easily. QR codes and barcodes are similar in that they both use a grid of black and white squares to encode data, but QR codes are able to store more information and are typically scanned using a smartphone's camera.

Barcodes are primarily used for retail and inventory management, and are scanned using a barcode scanner. Both QR codes and barcodes can be used to store information such as product details, contact information, URLs, and many more, making them a convenient and efficient way to transfer and access information.

You might ask yourself: My iPhone camera app can read QR codes, why do I need an extra app?

Well, the iOS camera app is very limited in its QR code scanning capabilities. While it can scan and read QR codes, it does not offer any additional functionality such as scanning multiple QR codes in batches or at the same time, scanning barcodes and saving the codes for later.

Saved for later

Scanning QR and barcodes on the go and saving them for later use is made possible by Tools. This feature allows you to scan codes and store them in a convenient list, which can be accessed at any time.

Additionally, you can add a title and image to each code for easy identification, and even search for the content of the codes online. This feature makes it incredibly easy to find product details, nutritional information, and prices that you might want to compare while being in a store.

Supported QR Code Message Types

As mentioned in the beginning, QR codes can consist of different message types that can be used to transfer information. NFC Scanner Tool for iPhone supports the following types, including:

  • Business Card: A vCard is a digital business card that contains contact information such as a name, phone numbers, urls and email addresses.
  • Weblink: This type contains a url to a webpage which when scanned, takes the user to a specific site.
  • Wi-Fi: Contains information to connect to a WiFi network, such as the SSID, password and network type.
  • Event: A specific calendar event, such as the date, time, location, and description. When scanned, the event can be added to the user's calendar automatically.
  • Shortcut: A url linking to the Apple Shortcuts app, which can trigger a automation after scanning.
  • Location: A geolocation, which can be opened in a map application after scanning.
  • Text: A simple text message, which can be read after scanning the code.
  • Phone Number: A telephone number, which can be dialed after scanning the code.
  • SMS: Contains an SMS message, which can be sent to the telephone number specified in the message.
  • Email: Contains an Email, including the recipiant's address, the subject and the message.

QR Code Widgets

A widget is an extension of an app that can display some additional information on your iPhone's home and lock screen.

Having a QR code in a widget can be highly beneficial as it allows for easy access to information without the need to open an app. For example, it makes it very convenient to quickly share a social media profile or transfer your contact information to a colleague or friend without the need of opening an app. This not only leaves your opposite with a "Wow"-effect, it also saves time and resources and promotes a more environmentally-friendly approach.

QR Code Studio

Say goodbye to boring black and white QR codes! The QR Code Studio of Tools allows for the creation of custom QR codes with a variety of styling options. You can choose from a range of colors, shapes, and even add a logo or background image to make your QR code stand out. This feature offers endless possibilities for customizing and personalizing your QR codes to match your brand or personal style. Whether for business or personal use, the QR Code Studio provides a convenient and easy way to create eye-catching QR codes.

Productivity Boosts Tools's productivity boost modes help you speed up your scanning tasks compared to the standard iOS camera app. You can scan multiple QR codes and barcodes at the same time, saving you time and effort. Additionally, you can scan in batches, making it easier to manage large amounts of information efficiently.


A Webhook is an HTTP callback that triggers a specific action upon a defined event. They allow real-time data transfer between applications without the need for periodic polling. With NFC Scanner Tool for iPhone, you can send scanned data to a server through a webhook. Your server-side endpoint can then process the incoming data immediately, enabling integration with other systems and services, and thus extending the functionality of the app.

Versatility in QR and Barcode Support Tools allows for the scanning of a wide range of barcode types, including:

  • Aztec
  • Code 128
  • Code 39
  • Code39 Mod 43
  • Code 93
  • DataMatrix
  • EAN-13
  • EAN-8
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • ITF14
  • PDF417
  • QR
  • UPC-E

This versatility in barcode support allows for the technology to be used in a variety of settings, including inventory tracking, data collection, and event management.